Pismo KRIA do prezydenta narodowego związku architektów ukraińskich

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Mr. Oleksandr Pavlovich Chizhevsky President of National Union Of Architects Of Ukraine

Dear Sirs, On behalf of the Polish Chamber of Architects and the architectural community in Poland, we would like to express our support for all Ukrainian architects in the situation faced by Ukraine and its citizens. As the Polish architects’ self-government we cannot and do not accept a situation in which one country is subjected to an unjustified and undefendable attack, resulting in a human tragedy with unforeseeable consequences for the security and economy of this country, its citizens of Europe. The experiences of cooperation that unite us have shown that we share a common history and past experiences, as well as the same challenges of the present and the future, and Ukrainian architects have the same rights to live, work and build the world in peace as their colleagues in other countries. Nobody has the right to take this future away from them. We believe that mutual support, among architects in Europe, is fundamental, both for the development of our organizations in times of peace and in case one of us is affected by a crisis of war. We declare our support to the National Union of Architects of Ukraine and its members in this difficult time.

With best regards and continued support,

Małgorzata Pilinkiewicz,

President Wojciech Gęsiak,

Vice President Borysław Czarakcziew,

Vice President for foreign affairs Wojciech Gwizdak,

Secretary Dominik Banaszak,

Treasurer Grzegorz Jachym, Member

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